At SUPRA our ultimate goal is clear: zero serious incidents

The industry, in which all SUPRA businesses operate, poses significant health and safety challenges but we must not accept that people will inevitably be injured whilst working for us or with us. Our ultimate goal is to have zero incident through the effective management of safety in all our operations. This drives our collective efforts every day to protect everyone on our locations, our assets and the environment. We are committed to do everything possible to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all our employees, sub-contractors, clients and members of the general public. 

With safety and operational excellence as our highest priorities, we have established a safety performance record that consistently exceeds industry averages. Our skilled employees exceed customer expectations by adhering to our proven safety systems that are actively supported at the highest levels of the organization and applied across the fleet. We also offer extensive training programs to enable our employees to continually build their competence and knowledge.

Tomorrow: your reward for working safely today

Occupational safety and health and environmental protection are just as important as all other business activities and, as such, form an integral part of the management’s responsibilities,. The company’s general principles are to achieve an accident-free work environment at all of our drilling and workover sites, as well as at all other workplaces operated by the company, each individual is responsible for his/her own safety and the safety of his/her co-workers, proactive approach to safety issues at all levels of management. Continuous training of employees in work safety and health hazards to limit work accidents and continuing professional development; compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

SUPRA Safety Committee

The tasks of the Safety Committee will include assisting the Board of Directors with fulfiling its responsibilities to oversee the identification, management, and mitigation of risks, including related policies, activities and management systems, associated with matters of corporate social responsibility, including specically those matters which are required to be reported annually according to Indonesian law, including environmental and climate matters, social and employee matters, respect for human rights, anti-corruption and bribery matters; and health, safety, security and environment.

Safety briefings are done by our safety officer to ensure that employees are aware of the occupational health and safety risks associated with the job that they perform. Conducting safety briefings should be done with the utmost seriousness and professionalism so that employees know that safety is an important concern that all employees and managers should have. While safety briefings can cover a variety of topics, some of which may never arise in the course of the work year, some objectives should be seen as more important than others and emphasized accordingly.

Healthy working environment

SUPRA continuously strives to create a healthy working environment to improve operational efficiency and productivity. Our strong commitment to these efforts can be seen from the various policies and initiatives on the management of healthy working conditions that the Company espouses. One of the key aspects of this policy is the number of trainings and information that has been devoted to espousing a healthy lifestyle which centers on regular exercise, a healthy diet and weight control. A high standard of health and fitness such as high-quality foods and healthy living quarters can be found in all locations of the Company. These conditions are further enhanced by regular medical check-ups such that preventive measures can be administered.

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