Whistle Blowing Policy

Report corruption, fraud, bribery, criminal offence, and other violations. Anyone has the right to whistle blow.

In accordance with SUPRA corporate values, we seek to conduct our business in line with our identity, the dynamics of teamwork, and organizational culture at all times. Not only are SUPRA management governed by a strict Code of Conduct; we’re driven by our core guiding principles, every day and in everything we do. This includes treating each other with respect and taking responsibility for our action, This is especially crucial when we work in challenging environments and with vulnerable people. We have zero tolerance for misconduct and corruption, and we all acknowledge our responsibility to report inappropriate behaviour if we witness it. Whistleblowing is the voluntary disclosure of inappropriate, unethical or unlawful behaviour and practices by the management or employees. It includes how employees, customers and investors are treated.

Whistle Blowing policy meaning and its objective is to create the transparent work environment practice within the organization to encourage our people to raise the voice on wrongdoings and enhance the belongingness. However, we acknowledge that all entity face the risk of their activities going wrong from time to time, or of unknowingly harboring malpractice. We believe we have a duty to take appropriate measures to identify such situations and attempt to remedy them. By encouraging a culture of transparency and accountability within the organization, we believe that we can help prevent such situations from occurring. We expect all SUPRA staff to maintain high standards in accordance with our code of ethics and to report any wrongdoing that falls short of these fundamental principles.

To ensure that we’re all held to account, our Whistle-Blowing line facilitates the reporting of any possible illegal, unethical, or improper conduct. It is available to be used by our own people, as well as clients, partners, suppliers, and anyone else who encounters us. Please use this email [email protected] to report corruption, fraud, bribery, and other violations related to SUPRA or our people. We are all accountable.

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