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Established in 1971, as the first nationwide water well drilling company in Indonesia, we progressed to become one of the national leaders in comprehensive water resources management company that served integrated services on water field industries. The impressive professional background for more than 50 years and the strong experience within the water well drilling services recommended SUPRA as one of the most trusted business partners in this field. Furthermore, the company’s presence is expanded in its regions of focus, entering new strategic water markets and continually upgrading, to provide the best and comprehensive water management services to its clients. 

SUPRA has a diverse portfolio of clients in the water industry. Although each client has unique needs and goals, they return to SUPRA because of our reputation for reliability. We are proud of the fact that many of our clients come back to SUPRA or have been referred to us by satisfied clients. We have a proven reputation for high quality delivery. With several hundred successful projects, we have the experience, resources and credentials to meet the most demanding requirements. Helping our clients reduce costs and increase efficiency for their operational in even the toughest of circumstances has been, and always will be, SUPRA’s priority. With our complete portfolio of capabilities and experience, we continue to stay one step ahead.

We have enjoyed cooperating with the best people in the industry. Experiences and learning processes have helped us to grow and continue to refine our services to the highest standard possible. We continue to strive to meet our client’s requirements with professionalism for their needs. Our businesses are based on trust and integrity as we are confident our clients will appreciate our integrative, cost effective, and straightforward approach to all their water needs.

Today we continue to deliver the operational excellence we are renowned for, while exploring new business strategies and innovative technologies. Our goal is to improve safety and efficiency and by the same time reduce cost and complexity, ultimately making better solution for our clients.

Kontraktor Pengeboran Sumur Air - SUPRA 65
Kontraktor Pengeboran Sumur Air - SUPRA 202
Kontraktor Pengeboran Sumur Air - SUPRA 231
Kontraktor Pengeboran Sumur Air - SUPRA 307
Kontraktor Pengeboran Sumur Air - SUPRA 308
Kontraktor Pengeboran Sumur Air - SUPRA 314
Kontraktor Pengeboran Sumur Air - SUPRA 315
Kontraktor Pengeboran Sumur Air - SUPRA 381
Perawatan Sumur Air - Perbaikan Sumur - SUPRA - 5
Kontraktor Pengeboran Sumur Air - SUPRA 385
Kontraktor Pengeboran Sumur Air - SUPRA 492
Konstruksi Sumur Air - SUPRA - 9
Perawatan Sumur Air - Pencucian Sumur - Perbaikan Sumur - SUPRA - 64
Konstruksi Sumur Air - SUPRA - 11
Konstruksi Sumur Air - SUPRA - 15
Konstruksi Sumur Air - SUPRA - 19
Konstruksi Sumur Air - SUPRA - 42
Konstruksi Sumur Air - SUPRA - 45
Kontraktor Pengeboran Sumur Air - SUPRA 382
Konstruksi Sumur Air - SUPRA - 57
Konstruksi Sumur Air - SUPRA - 61
Perawatan Sumur Air - Perbaikan Sumur - SUPRA - 1
Perawatan Sumur Air - Perbaikan Sumur - SUPRA - 7
Perawatan Sumur Air - Perbaikan Sumur - SUPRA - 9
Perawatan Sumur Air - Perbaikan Sumur - SUPRA - 15
Perawatan Sumur Air - Pencucian Sumur - Perbaikan Sumur - SUPRA - 27
Perawatan Sumur Air - Pencucian Sumur - Perbaikan Sumur - SUPRA - 35
Perawatan Sumur Air - Pencucian Sumur - Perbaikan Sumur - SUPRA - 42
Perawatan Sumur Air - Pencucian Sumur - Perbaikan Sumur - SUPRA - 54



Water Well Drilling and Groundwater Engineering

SUPRA portfolio of well drilling, construction, completion, and maintenance services enables us to design  water wells that serves as an asset and investment that reduce costs in the short and long term operational need. SUPRA has drilled numerous wells for various purposes to clients’ satisfaction. During this time, SUPRA could, and still can, always benefit from its decades of experience and its knowledge of well drilling and construction. This enables the us to carry out drilling and completion professionally even in the most difficult project. Find out more for drilling and groundwater engineering services here


Water Well Asset Management, Operation, Maintenance and Rehabilitation

SUPRA water well asset management is the process of developing, operating, maintaining the water well for securing the sustainable value of important water supply resources. Water well asset management is important because it helps businesses monitor and manage their water well and water supply assets using a systemised approach. Managed effectively, the benefits include improvements to water production productivity and efficiency which places a business in a better position to increase their return on investment. We provide comprehensive approach to assess, maintain, and repair water well to ensure your business operation


Groundwater and Environmental Management

SUPRA has extensive experience in supporting environmental projects as well as effective development, management and protection of ground water resources. Contaminated sites and historic environmental management practices can pose significant risk to the environment, and carry significant clean up liabilities for industry and government. Our comprehensive services on environmental drilling consist of evaluation of emerging contaminants, including policy implications, environmental impacts of produced waters assessment, groundwater remediation and surface water/groundwater interaction evaluation, monitoring well drilling and groundwater assessment, injection and recharge well drilling, and Aquifer Storage Recovery (ASR) well construction


Geological and Hydrogeological Consultancy

SUPRA has a long and successful record of working with consultant, planners, engineers, developers and expert working in multidiscipline field. We provide consultancy services for geological and hydrogeological studies, groundwater availability studies and management, water resources management, aquifer mapping and modeling, well-field designs, groundwater monitoring, aquifer studies, borehole condition assessment, groundwater recharge, groundwater quality assessment, determination of groundwater abstraction patterns and borehole density etc. We are capable to perform consultancy in geological, hydrogeological, geotechnical, geophysical and topographic survey to examine your project needs


Non Revenue Water and Water Leakage Management

SUPRA provides Non Revenue Water Management, including intelligent water leak management platform services for Indonesian water management company or PDAM. SUPRA has extensive capabilities and experiences in NRW Management and water leakage control by implementing a comprehensive Leakage Management / NRW Management for Indonesian Water Supply and Management company (PDAM). It consist of Intelligent Water Leakage Management Platform and technology to repair the leakage pipes. Our NRW Management approach will allow water supply and utility company to save water, prevent further losses and at the same time generate additional economic benefits to the their business 

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