Dewatering and Groundwater Control

Cooperating with client to optimise the most challenging dewatering and groundwater control project

At SUPRA, we provide professional services on groundwater control and deep well dewatering. Dewatering, or artificial groundwater lowering, is applied to be able to carry out excavation at the soil under the groundwater table. Deep well dewatering involves controlling groundwater by constructing dewatering well and set pumping equipment, to lower the groundwater levels in the vicinity of the excavation. The deep well dewatering aims to be able to control water (ground / surface water) so as not to disturb or hinder the process of carrying out mining or civil work, especially for the implementation of structural parts which under the ground water level or exploitation of mine products and minerals from mining site. 

The deep well dewatering system is chosen depends on several factors, including:

  • Water seepage discharge
  • Type of soil
  • Surrounding environmental conditions
  • Soil properties
  • Groundwater and Surface water condition
  • Soil bearing capacity
  • Design and function of the structure

We assist client on planning the dewatering projects by integrative hydrogeological, geological, and geotechnical assessment of the site and its surroundings. It involves several step by step approach such as desk study, deep well investigations, pumping tests and groundwater simulation and modelling. Often deep well are used for site dewatering of excavations below 6m in depth and the permeability of the targeted soil is moderate to high. The method involves applying professional drilling and pumping technologies used in water wells and using them in dewatering scenario. Furthermore, to evaluate deep well dewatering system and its extraction capacity, we carry out groundwater simulation and modeling for ensuring the optimal dewatering rate. Our professional groundwater engineers can provide comprehensive assistance to various clients faced with challenging dewatering projects. 

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