Extended Warranties Program

Water well extended warranties program to ensure maximum operationability of client’s water supply

SUPRA water well maintenance and extended warranties programs can be a cost effective option for business operation. First-year costs typically include the well’s comprehensive rehabilitation, the pumping equipment’s repair or replacement, and the maintenance tooling’s installation. These upfront costs are often spread over years to help companies with budget constraints. 

We offer perpetual warranties program to maintain the well’s production after initial rehabilitation through time-based cleanings. Pumping equipment and motors included in the warranty in addition to emergency repairs, allowing clients to avoid unforeseen expenses. An effective maintenance and extended warranties program will extend the well’s service life in addition to reducing— and potentially eliminating—the need for unnescessary rehabilitations.

Securing your important source water investment with water well maintenance and extended warranties program

The most important benefits of a well maintenance program include extended asset life, reduced operational costs, improved and consistent well performance and water quality, and greater knowledge of the well’s condition through maintenance reporting. Maintaining clean, reliable water sources is vital to helping preserve effective water treatment plants and distribution systems. A comprehensive preventive maintenance program and extended warranties can save clients from unnescessary cost and mitigate risk from operational failure. In addition, properly maintaining existing wells and ensuring a reliable output capacity help clients avoid the need to construct additional wells. We provide well maintenance contract and extended waranties program to a variety of clients:


  • Maintaining well condition by periodic inspection of wells.
  • Proper chemical cleaning or revitalization of wells.
  • Consultation services from hydrogeologist and well engineers.
  • Routine maintenance and services of pumps and motors.
  • Routine inspection and maintenance reports to client.
  • Sensor technology and IoT implementation for monitoring the performance of water wells.
  • Comprehensive Water Resources Management Services Company

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