Groundwater and Drilling Courses

Comprehensive groundwater and drilling course for groundwater professionals

SUPRA offers the best comprehensive course and training in industry, ranging for groundwater engineering, applied hydrogeological, and geological course, designing, drilling, and constructing water wells, as well as selecting the material and submersible pumps and maintaining the operational client’s water well. We deliver courses and training to develop skills and competencies for groundwater and water well  professional. All the courses will be delivered by experienced staff, lecturer, engineer and driller as the trainer, and completed by profesional course modul for further reference.

The courses and training can be designed individually and depending on the level of specialization for each clients. In addition to in-house course and training, SUPRA sends specialist staff for lectures and courses at in house company training centers, to conferences at specialist associations or directly to our clients, including e-Course, e-Learning, and Webinar for wide range of clients

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