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Ensuring effective groundwater irrigation system management is started by providing sustainable groundwater irrigation well

Sustainable irrigation is of fundamental importance to Indonesia’s food security policy, and such sustainability must focus on maximizing the production of existing schemes and completing the implementation and expansion of existing systems. As one of the key sectors within the Indonesian economy, agriculture posses several challenge including its sustainability for water resources availability. Water resources management and irrigation play important role in Indonesia’s socio-economic development in terms of food security. At SUPRA, we develop and reliably demonstrate step by step approach and identify strategies that create an enabling environment for enhanced groundwater for irrigation to increase food- and nutritional- security and livelihood in Indonesia.

The groundwater irrigation system is prepared in accordance with cropping patterns and irrigation scheme; and its implementation has to also take into account the availability of the groundwater sources and environmental condition. It is essential to adequately regulate and allocate irrigation water such that the groundwater can be fairly, reasonably and at right time distributed to each farm plot. We offers a nationwide services for developing a comprehensive groundwater irrigation system and agricultural water management services ranging from initial design of the deep well irrigation system, deep well construction, material selection, technology implementation, installation and commissioning into after-sale service, maintenance and irrigation systems repairment after their initial installation. As comprehensive services, we also troubleshoot and repair malfunctioning deep wells and irrigation systems as well as perform regular system maintenance for ensuring the sustainability of the groundwater irrigation systems. Environmental protection is also an important focus for these schemes and will require implementation of groundwater control and monitoring.

We have drilled hundreds of irrigation wells for Proyek Pengembangan Air Tanah (P2AT) Projects – Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing of the Republic of Indonesia as well as cooperated with various private agriculture sectors. By ensuring the sustainability of the groundwater wells, we implement further irrigation management strategy by taking into account optimizing the agricultural production potential and making sure that the groundwater irrigation infrastructure operated and maintained to matches these needs.

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