The well we drill today is our reputation tomorrow

SUPRA has spent many years succeeding in the harshest and most complicated water well drilling projects in Indonesia, these experiences have made us determined to learn, improve and develop better solutions to our challenges. 

The skill of drilling and providing water is a talent available only to some. A drilling operation can seem to be an endless, dirty monotony of watching a drill pipe rotate round and round, interspersed with bouts of effort to lift repeatedly pipe after pipe from a hole. However, a skilled driller is forever analysing the rumbles, rattles, surges and gurgles and trying to work out what in the earth is happening.

Drilling methods and techniques take years to master and require a perfect balance of skill and competencies to be successful. Most skills needed to be a successful driller are based on both empirical combined with literature knowledge.

Water Well Drilling at Its Finest

SUPRA as a leading nationwide water well drilling operator, with more than 189.429 metres drilled and 1545 well constructed, SUPRA works everywhere from Aceh to Nusa Tenggara Timur, We are providing state of the art services and partnering with our clients on managing the complexity, cost, and risk of water resources and supply to improve the competitiveness of our client business.

List of our valued clients

Proyek Pengembangan Air Tanah (P2AT) Madiun-Solo • P2AT Jatim • Bandung Water Supply • PLTU Suralaya • Dit. Cipta Karya Kementerian PUPR • PDAM Tirta Wening Bandung • Australian Embassy • Pengelola Air Bersih (PAB) Jawa Tengah • Bechtel Inc. • PT Pupuk Kaltim Bontang • PDAM Tirtonadi Medan • PAB Jawa Barat • LNG Bontang • PAM Jember • Pemda DKI Jakarta • PAB Jawa Timur • CV Tahen, Palu • CV Takelar • PAB Pare-Pare • PT Adetex, Banjaran • PT Kanigara • PT Wisma Jaya Raya • PPSAB Jawa Barat • PT Lansano • PT Biofarma • PT Abadi Jaya • Yayasan Pendidikan Telkom • PT Marga Mandala Sakti • PT Brahma Putra • Ultramilk • RS Hasan Sadikin Bandung • CV Sofisca • BBI Malang • PDAM Bukit Tinggi • CV Nebula • PT Sangkala Sakti • Perumahan Villa Araya Malang • PT Gorip Nanda Guna • Graha Efrata Malang • Delimatex Bandung • BBI Malang • Danone AQUA • PT Ruberindo • PT Badak LNG • PT Wijaya Karya (WIKA) • SEPC Shanghai Electric Power Construction • Power China • PT Bagus Karya • PT Aresta Karya Mandiri • Kapuas Prima Coal • Nihi Resort International • PT Semen Indonesia • PT Semen Gresik – PT Semen Rembang • Hydropol Cz • GIZ Germany • Jhonlin Batu Mandiri • PT Atsiri Indo Gede • Pertamina • Kawasan Industri Kendal • OXFAM International UK • TSK Spain • Millenium Challenge Account (MCA) Indonesia • PT Paiton Operation and Maintenance Indonesia (POMI) • PDAM Uwe Lino – Palu • Exxon Mobile Cepu Ltd. • PT Ciriajasa Rancangbangun Mandiri (CRM) • Asian Development Bank • Raw Water Sustainable Masterplan • WiPlat Co., Ltd. – Korea • Oriental Consultants Global Co., Ltd. – Japan

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