Evaluating the true cost of water

Better management of water resources is a growing interest for many businesses as they seek to cut costs, mitigate risks, and reduce their opportunity lost from water related issue. SUPRA recognize that every businesses needs all proper water management, clean water supply and good water efficiency to be able to operate. We offers comprehensive and integrated solutions for government agencies, commercial and municipal water suppliers, as well as industrial facilities, agricultural, and energy companies.

Providing water for your business : developing a corporate water management strategy for clients

The phrase “total cost of ownership” was omnipresent throughout every industry. One of the best ways to reduce total cost of ownership is by taking proactive steps to assure the sustainability of the water supply. Companies are developing water management strategies for multiple reasons. More efficient use of water resources results in lower operating costs, a more reliable water supply, and improved water quality. Additionally, factors such as drought, population growth, and changing watersheds due to climate change are putting pressure on available water sources. This can lead to higher costs and increases the risk that limits could be placed on water supplies in highly stressed regions. 

As a comprehensive water resources management company, SUPRA assist decision makers in developing and implementing comprehensive solutions and action plans to successfully address the water issues that really matter for client’s business operational. Our approach as a primary comprehensive water resources management service company in Indonesia to a wide cross-section of clients is to help our clients maximizing business and operational challenges as well as leading the way to a sustainable water management and utilization 

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