Source Water Vulnerability Assessment (SVA)

Securing water sources now and tomorrow with Source Water Vulnerability Assessment

Water has been recognized as one of main and critical material in every business operation. At SUPRA, we understands the importance of the SVA assessment for our client. The aim of the Source Water Vulnerability Assessment (SVA) is to assess the production water supply reliability for all of operation as well as its risks that may challenge the availability with regards to potential hazards to quality and quantity of the water supply. Source Water Vulnerability Assessment is used to evaluate every aspect of water availability that mitigate identified risk and secure water sources. One of the outcomes of an SVA is a Source Water Protection Plan (SWPP) that protect the water sources for the short, medium and long term.

The SVA involves multidisciplines knowledge to be able formulate comprehensive report for better understanding of water sources availability and its sustainability, it may involves but not limited to:

  • Hydrogeology – local aquifers, and aquifer classifications, catchment boundaries, groundwater recharges

  • Hydrology – surface water, watershed, topographic, geodetic, and meteorological data

  • Geology – lithology; pedology

  • Environment and Water quality –groundwater; surface water

  • Land use – protected areas, land uses, future development plans, legal, GIS databases

An SVA takes all of a relevant factors into account—including technical, economic, social, and legal considerations—to ascertain the likelihood of better actions plan for mitigating risks and securing the sustainibility of the water sources. Being a comprehensive water resources management services company, our engineer and management staffs will assist clients in developing and implementing step by step action plans to address the SVA and SWPP that really matter for our client’s business.

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