Conserving our natural resources is more than a vital part of SUPRA business. It’s an ethical obligation for sustainable development.

Conserving our natural resources is more than a vital part of SUPRA business—it’s an ethical obligation for sustainable development. We operate in an environmentally conscientious and socially responsible manner, always focused on improving the quality of life for the people and communities in which we live and work. 

As water is a precious resources, we strict to ensure the capability of future generation to obtain groundwater as we are today. Conserving water resources involves understanding supply and demand trends at the each operational level and implementing appropriate measures to address any potential impacts on water quality and quantity. Throughout our projects and operations, SUPRA works to prudently utilize water resource for the future

SUPRA recognizes that projects operations may have a damaging impact upon the environment and therefore ensure that all project activities are carried out in such a manner as to ensure a high standard of environmental protection and awareness. Environmental impacts are assessed at every stage of the business process in consultation with organizations working on behalf of SUPRA including engineers etc. to develop agreed solutions that are sympathetic to the environment and community.

Environmental Protection Management System

 The features of the system of environmental protection management adopted in SUPRA include:

  • strict adherence to all legal requirements imposed by the Republic of Indonesia
  • emphasis on the prevention of environmental damage (responsible waste management, conscientious handling of chemicals)
  • commitment in eco-friendly and environmental projects.
  • Comprehensive Water Resources Management Services Company

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