Well Repair and Services

Rehabilitating and repairing broken water well to restore them in working condition and able to produce useable water

Well rehabilitation and repair is defined as restoring a well to its most efficient condition by various treatments or reconstruction methods. This continuing education unit discusses the causes of deteriorating well performance and methods, both traditional and of more recent introduction, of addressing this area. There are numerous causes of poor and deteriorating well performance. Causes may include inherent characteristics of the aquifer which supplies water to the well, the well design, its construction, water quality and other environmental factors, and even the operation of the well.

We provide case by case solution for damaged well repairs that most contractors would recommend abandoning the well. We offer integrative approach by analyzing the cost involved in water well repairs or reconstructing the old wells compared than drilling a new wells.We make use proprietary products and various procedures of water well repairs that are available and cost conscious to make water well repairs a great option over drilling a new water well. SUPRA has undertaken some of the most complex and challenging water well repairs in Indonesia. We highly recommend that troubleshooting well problems and making plans for solving rehablitation of the well should be done by competent, experienced professionals, and that you obtain several opinions or get them from relatively unbiased sources.

Most recently SUPRA worked with a multinational client where they were experiencing massive sand producting well causing from a corroded 35 years old well casing. In reviewing downhole borehole camera, SUPRA found a 10×10 cm corroded point at a depth of 70 metres. As the cost for drilling a new wells are more expensive than to repair the existing well, SUPRA proposed a double relining program for the well. This technique worked 100% perfectly in stopping the influx of formation sand through the casing and saved a lot of time and cost to our respective clients.

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